APC chief mocks Obi/Datti, says rigging claims illogical

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CHIEFTAIN of the All Progressives Congress, Prince John Mayaki, has mocked Labour Party (LP)’s Vice Presidential candidate in the February 25th presidential election, Datti Baba-Ahmed, over his “illogical claims” in a recent interview, where he insisted the vote count of the APC was manufactured but that of the LP was authentic, despite both being the product of the same process.

According to Mayaki, the contradictory claims were indicative of double standards and hypocrisy of the LP and its supporters, and their inability to foreground the rigging allegations beyond sensational and unsubstantiated accusations.

He said: “I watched a video, where Datti Baba-Ahmed was asked by Channels TV if he truly believed the elections were rigged. He answered in the affirmative. He was asked if his 6.1million votes were rigged, and he said, no. Even the anchor of the programme was shocked by Datti’s response and illogicalities. He claimed his votes were not rigged, but other contestants’ votes were rigged in the same election conducted by the same umpire, at the same time across the country. This is a clear case of double standard and hypocrisy.”

He also queried why the LP eagerly accepted the outcome of the National Assembly results, particularly in constituencies where they recorded victories.

“They celebrated the outcome of the Senate and House of Representatives election, but are picking holes with the presidential one. How logical is that? It would have made a remarkable difference if the LP had gotten majority in the Senate and Reps elections, then fell short at the presidential.”

Dismissing the ‘Obi wave’ as a fluke, Mayaki said that LP’s poor outing in the governorship and state Assembly elections illustrated its poor spread and weak support at the local level, unlike the more established and better grounded APC that re-demonstrated its popularity with key victories.

“It goes to confirm earlier claims that Labour Party has no structure. In the North, the NNPP presidential candidate oiled his structure and performed well. He won Kano State during the Presidential election, some National Assembly seats and state House of Assembly. The NNPP equally won the governorship seat, though this is being challenged in court. We expected Ahmed Datti to have equally achieved same feat if the LP had its structures on ground but they thought they could win elections from the blues without working for it.”

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