Work & Play challenges youth to e-sports with motorsports

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As part of activities marking the launch of Nigeria’s first motorsports racing app, Work and Play, owner, Adeoye Ojuoko, would be hosting select Nigeria’s e-sports players to duel on the new platform for cash prizes.

Ojuoko said tomorrow’s launch of the first motorsports app on the continent would also be a good ground to help deepen support for the e-sports community in the country.

“Our app is bringing a new flavour to the Nigeria e-sports landscape and we would love to get more youths to participate in it and help grow the industry, which we believe holds a lot of potential for youth empowerment and connects easily with a number of other industries,” he said.

The app has generated rave review among top e-sport players in Nigeria and also had some corporate support from brands including, Toyota, SMT Volvo, Elizade, JAC Meristem, Argotios Bikes, Dinkkiia, among others.

Work and Play has the reputation of being one of the biggest promoters of motorsport live events in the country.

Ojuoko said that the incursion into the e-sports world was an attempt to get more lovers of motorsports engaged while the racing calendar is off, with customised racing cars imitating the fleet that the team has built over the years for its events and simulations of some of Nigeria’s major cities.

“Our live events started in Shagamu in 2017, and later have had and supported others in, Ilara-mokin, Akure, Kebbi, Nasarawa, Kano, Abuja, Ibadan and Lagos. Our game, the first in the country in this dimension looks to simulate what our live events has to offer.”

Ojuoko said the launch of the app which is scheduled for tomorrow at MUSON Centre, Lagos would have select players from the growing e-sports community in Nigeria compete as part of test running the software and cash prizes would be awarded during the event.

According to him, “the e-sports community in Nigeria is pleased with the app and are eager to make it a top platform for competitions in Nigeria given its richness in local destination and replications of the known environment in Nigeria.”

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